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Survey shows most workers misunderstand cybersecurity: How to improve awareness in your organization


A User Risk Report released by Wombat Security earlier this year revealed that many workers are not only unfamiliar with security threats and how to combat them, but are prone to making bad security choices and practicing dangerous habits that can put confidential information at risk.

Here are some key findings from that report:

63% of US workers do not know what ransomware is. 58% of US workers believe an antivirus software can stop a cyberattack. 54% of US respondents believe a trusted location, such as a quality hotel or international airport, indicates a trusted Wi-Fi network. 30% of workers do not know what phishing is. A shocking number of US workers allow family members and trusted friends to check/reply to email (46%), view/post to social media (43%), stream media (47%), shop online (48%) and play games (50%) on their work devices.

As a result, it's not surprising that the report states half of US respondents reported being victims of identity theft and nearly...(continued)

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