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Make America late again: US 'lags' China in IT security bug reporting


The US is starting to fall well behind China in terms of the speed at which organizations are alerted to reported security vulnerabilities, according to a study out this week by threat intel biz Recorded Future.

The US government's National Vulnerability Database (NVD) lags China’s National Vulnerability Database (CNNVD) in average time between bug reports submitted to the database and the report being included in the centralized database – 33 days versus 13 days, respectively. In other words, companies and other organizations in China subscribing to the CNNVD are warned of a hole potentially within their systems in 13 days, on average, after details of the flaw are filed, versus 33 days for those following NVD.

China's CNNVD isn’t involved in managing the disclosure of vulnerabilities globally, unlike the US's NVD, but it has been able to overcome this potential disadvantage to push out warnings of bug discoveries twice as fast as its North America counterpart, on...(continued)

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