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URSNIF spam campaign expose new macro evasion tactics

Trend Micro recently observed a new campaign leveraging theUrsnif banking Trojan using new malicious macro tactics payload delivery and evade detection.

Researchers at Trend Micro have recently spotted a new campaign leveraging theUrsnif banking Trojan featuring new malicious macro tactics for payload delivery.

Malicious macros are widely adopted by crooks for malware distribution, usually, they are embedded in documents and attackers trick victims into enabling them. Then the malicious code (i.e. PowerShell) is executed to drop and run the final malware.

Unfortunately, cybercriminals continue to improve theeffectiveness of macros tactics in the attempt to evade detection.

Recently, in spam email distributingURSNIF, the researchersobserved the malware was using simple checks to evade sandbox detections.

One the tactic used by threat actors is the use ofAutoClose, which can run the PowerShell script after the document was closed,evading sandbox detections focused on the...(continued)

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