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Infoblox On Anniversary Of DDoS Attack On Dyn


The ISBuzz Post: This Post Infoblox On Anniversary Of DDoS Attack On Dyn appeared first on Information Security Buzz.

This Saturdaymarks a year since theDDoS attack on Dynwhich disrupted internet services for hundreds of companies, including online giants Twitter, Amazon, AirBnB, and Spotify. Dr. Malcolm Murphy, Chief of Staff EMEA atInfoblox commented below.

Dr. Malcolm Murphy, Chief of Staff EMEA atInfoblox:

“Last year’s DDoS attack on Dyn underscored the fact that the domain name server, or DNS, remains extremely vulnerable. DNS is the one of the most critical services in organisation’s infrastructure and without it almost all business applications and services are unreachable, bringing a business to a grinding halt and impacting revenue, brand, reputation and customer satisfaction.

“Last year’s Dyn attack was a wake-up call to many companies, with 37 percent changing their DNS security strategy in its wake according to arecent survey. Despite this, however, nearly a third...(continued)

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