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Don’t Underestimate The Power Of The Spambots


The ISBuzz Post: This Post Don’t Underestimate The Power Of The Spambots appeared first on Information Security Buzz.

Spam: we all know it and love to hate it. Our emails are clogged with it and our junk folders are overflowing. It’s the wasp at the picnic of the internet. Kind of annoying, but not all that dangerous – or so most of us think.

The recent revelation that a spamdumpof 711 million email addresses highlighted that spam is one of the most prevalent forms of personal security breaches. Far from being a mere irritation, it is deserving of proper respect. The dump was compiled from databases from previous breaches – the likes of the LinkedIn and Badoo hacks. Although some of the addresses were corrupted as a result of the scraping methods used, it still included hundreds of millions of valid addresses. That’s the population of several countries.

What made this dump particularly interesting was the presence of several million email addresses with passwords attached to...(continued)

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