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Phishing alert: Check it before you click it! - McGill Reporter

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Phishing alert: Check it before you click it!

Posted on Monday, December 8, 2014

With holidays fast approaching, cybercriminals are taking advantage of people’s vacation planning, online shopping and expected package deliveries. Millions of phishing scam emails are being sent out daily, spoofing trusted brands, retailers, postal services, banks, stores and more. Many of these emails look legitimate, and it gets harder to tell what’s a real email, and what’s a scam.

When in doubt, don’t click any links in an email. You can always go to the website of the company the email is supposed to be from, or call them to confirm if the email is legitimate if you have made an order or are expecting a package.

You can often spot a phishing email by watching for:

Threats: Many phishing scam emails use a fake “Missed delivery” or “Address does not exist” notification to scare people into either clicking on a link...(continued)
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