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Windows Control Panel Links Abused in Cyber-Espionage Campaign


A cyber-espionage group believed to be operating out of China has been deploying malware in the past two years that disguises as control panel link (CPL) files.

The malware's name is Reaver, named so by Palo Alto Networks, the cyber-security company who found it.

Experts say the malware has been used by a cyber-espionage unit that's been around since 2010 and has been tracked under codenames such as DynCalc, Numbered Panda, or APT12.

In previous attacks, this group has deployed other malware families, such as the SunOrcal backdoor, the Surtr RAT, and the EvilGrab infostealer.

New Reaver malware uses CPL files to infect users

The new Reaver malware Palo Alto discovered is a backdoor trojan and helps the cyber-espionage unit gather information from infected hosts and execute malicious commands.

"The new family appears to have been in the wild since late 2016, and to date we have only identified 10 unique samples, indicating it may be sparingly used," researchers said. "Reaver...(continued)

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