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Nearly everyone in UK has been hacked, 'lottery' determines investigation , police lead says


If you live in the UK, you've probably been hacked, and your personal data has already been sold on the dark web, according to UK Chief Constable Peter Goodman.

Goodman, who is the National Police Chiefs' Council lead for cybercrime, spoke at a media briefing on the government's response to hacks and data breaches. He said that cybercrime is the "fastest-growing, most complex, difficult form of volume crime we've ever seen."

The remarks came as Goodman urged companies that had experienced a breach to be transparent in disclosing the nature of the hack. Goodman also said that he, personally, had been hacked three separate times, leading to his name, date of birth, address, and email being stolen.

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Addressing attendees at the briefing, Goodman said, "I can almost guarantee that every single one of you around this table has had a data breach against you and that some of your personal data is held somewhere on the...(continued)

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