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IBM's Quad9 DNS system will block botnets and phishing attacks - The INQUIRER

IBM's Quad9 DNS system will block botnets and phishing attacks

IBM HAS PARTNERED with the Global Cyber Alliance (GCA), an organisation founded by law enforcement and research firms to help reduce cyber-crime, to launch a free public Domain Name Service (DNS) system.

While that might not sound so fascinating, the interesting thing is that the new DNS system, named Quad9, will block domains associated with botnets, phishing attacks, and other malicious internet hosts. This is especially good news for businesses that don't run their own DNS blacklisting and whitelisting services, as it will make them much safer.

Quad9, which is named as such du to its Internet Protocol address, works in the same way as any other public DNS server, such as Google's, but the difference is it won't return name resolutions for sites that are identified via threat feeds the service aggregates daily.

"Anyone, anywhere can use it," said GCA's president and chief operating officer, Phil...(continued)

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