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FCC to eliminate net neutrality regulations - CNET

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai wants to reboot the rules governing the internet. But critics say that will just destroy the regulations protecting net neutrality. CNET

The Federal Communications Commission is planning a full repeal of Obama-era net neutrality rules which ensures all traffic on the internet is treated equally, handing the broadband and wireless industries a big victory in the war against government oversight of the internet.

On Tuesday, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai issued his proposal for dismantling the net neutrality regulations, which were adopted in 2015. Central to the proposed plan is a complete scrapping of the rules, which prevents broadband and wireless providers from blocking or slowing online content. Pai has also eliminated the legal foundation that gives the FCC oversight over internet services providers.

Under the new proposal, Pai said in a statement that the federal government will stop "micromanaging the internet." Instead, he said broadband providers will...(continued)

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