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New phone phishing scams here for holidays – News15

It’s the holiday season meaning there will be lots of spending, but it also means you’re more likely to be scammed. This type of scam is called spoofing and until Monday, Ron Bonner, had no idea what it was. It turns out the scammers are getting better at looking like the real deal.

“When you hear the AT&T tone you think you’re on the line talking to an AT&T rep.” expressed local resident and scam victim, Ron Bonner.

The person on the other end of Ron Bonner’s ringing phone Monday wasn’t an AT&T rep. In fact, it was a skilled scammer.

“What was believable was they called all three numbers. There’s three different numbers on my account.” said Bonner.

There were several missed calls on each number with no voicemail left behind. When the phone rang one more time, Bonner answered.

“And the guy said there was an iPad purchase on my account.”said Bonner.

Bonner was already leery about handing out his personal information over the phone, but something else set off a...(continued)

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