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'Annihilation' trailer discovers mutated monsters in Area X - CNET


Ready to face "Annihilation"?

A trailer for Natalie Portman's upcoming sci-fi/horror movie was released Wednesday, and gives a little more backstory into her character's relationship with her husband (Oscar Isaac). In "Annihilation," based on Jeff VanderMeer's 2014 best-selling novel, Portman's character heads into Area X, which has been cut off from civilization for decades.

Isaac's character returned from an earlier trek but is hospitalized and possibly in a coma. Portman's character (just called "the biologist" in the novel) is part of a four-woman expedition who try and uncover for themselves the secret of the mysterious place.

A teaser trailer for the film came out in September, but the trailer reveals more of the terrors waiting for Portman and crew, including what seem to be creepily crossbred animals, such as a shark-crocodile mix.

"Annihilation" comes out Feb. 23 in the US, and according to Deadline, will stream internationally on Netflix just 17 days later,...(continued)

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