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Phishing Scam Uses BBB's Name


You can't tell, but right now employees here at the southern Colorado office of the Better Business Bureau are on high alert. The phishing threat has gone from green to red.

The reason is that crooks have sent out a bunch of emails that look like they're from the BBB but they're not. They actually say, instead of

I'm told if you click on the link, a viscious virus could be launched on your computer and your personal information could be stolen.

Crystal Johnston with the BBB says, "If it looks like it doesn't belong in your inbox, it probably doesn't."

We're told these crooks are pretty crafty and haven't been shut down yet. And they've timed it just right.

Crystal adds, "A lot of people are going to be receiving a lot more emails during this time, especially through the tax season."

When going through your inbox pay close attention to the senders. Make sure they're who you think they are. If you're asked to click on a link, don't do it. If you have any...(continued)

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