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Google Apps Script Allowed Hackers to Automate Malware Downloads

Researchers at Proofpoint discovered recently that Google Apps Script could have been abused by malicious hackers to automatically download malware hosted on Google Drive to targeted devices.

Google Apps Script is a JavaScript-based scripting language that allows developers to build web applications and automate tasks. Experts noticed that the service could have been leveraged to deliver malware by using simple triggers, such as onOpen or onEdit.

In an attack scenario described by Proofpoint, attackers uploaded a piece of malware to Google Drive and created a public link to it. They then used Google Docs to send the link to the targeted users. Once victims attempted to edit the Google Docs file, the Apps Script triggers would cause the malware to be automatically downloaded to their devices. Researchers said attackers could have used social engineering to convince the target to execute the malware.

Google has implemented new restrictions for simple triggers in an effort to...(continued)

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