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At CES, VR and AR is evolving right under your nose - CNET


When VR first made its major CES reemergence via Oculus Rift years ago, it was jaw-dropping. Those moments, since, are harder to come by. After a 2017 where VR hardware sales flagged and buzz quieted, AR started to gain steam via phone apps from Apple and Google. Meanwhile, the dream of some next-level "mixed reality" -- a holographic blend of the virtual and real -- hasn't gotten here. We have Hololens, and we wonder what Magic Leap will be, but no new things came from CES.

But there were discoveries, and trends, and things to talk about in AR and VR. You just had to pay attention.

HTC's new Vive Pro has upgraded display resolution and can be completely wireless from the PC, with a separate Intel WiGig adapter. CNET VR is getting better with key upgrades: wireless, better res, better cameras

Maybe virtual reality, as an industry, realizes that getting everyday people into headsets, not to mention buying them, isn't easy. Instead, HTC is pushing its Vive hardware into...(continued)

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