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Four Vendors are Kicking Autonomous Car Butt Together


One of the interesting stories that virtually no one is telling is how four huge vendors are quietly working together to bring connected autonomous cars to market. They really don’t even talk about each other much but, individually, none of them can go it alone, while—together—they have come up with something incredibly interesting. Even when they are presenting, they rarely mention each other yet together they are creating something rather amazing. The vendors are BlackBerry, Cisco, NVIDIA, and Qualcomm. Let’s chat how they are changing driving together.


With QNX, Blackberry effectively has an automotive operating system. Cars are becoming more and more like rolling computers, and—as a result—they need an OS. QNX was already the most common platform used in cars. As cars have evolved, so has QNX. Blackberry’s implementation creates secure barriers between the various components of the car so one does not corrupt the other. Given Intel’s security problems (...(continued)

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