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New AndroRAT found, exploiting Rooting Vulnerability


Trend Micro detected a new variant of Android Remote Access Tool (AndroRAT) (identified as ANDROIDOS_ANDRORAT.HRXC) that has the ability to inject root exploits to perform malicious tasks such as silent installation, shell command execution, WiFi password collection, and screen capture. This AndroRAT targetsCVE-2015-1805, a publicly disclosedvulnerabilityin 2016 that allows attackers to penetrate a number of older Android devices to perform its privilege escalation.

RATs have long been acommonWindows threat, so it shouldn't be a surprise that it has come to Android. A RAT has to gain root access — usually by exploiting a vulnerability — in order to have control over a system.Discoveredin 2012, the original authors intended AndroRAT —initially a university project— as an open-source client/server application that can provide remote control of an Android system, which naturally attractedcybercriminals.

This new variant of AndroRAT disguises itself as a malicious utility app...(continued)

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