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Hey Google... do you know about ninjas? - CNET

Chris Monroe/CNET

Whenever I catch myself in the most modern of existential crises -- worrying about my place as a replaceable lump of flesh in a world where robots are writing news stories -- I think of Google Home and breathe a nice big sigh of relief.

I think about my recently acquiredGoogle Home Mini. About its insides whirring and spluttering as my five-year-old approaches.

"Hey Google," gargles my son, like a belligerent drunk, mouth stuffed full of porridge.

"Do you know about ninjas?"

Four dots. Vibrating ellipses. The silent sound of Google Assistant's algorithms collapsing under the pressure.

("Oh god oh god oh god the human child is here. I do not understand the human child. What is the human child trying to say to me. Help oh dear God help.")

"Sorry," laughs Google Home awkwardly, shaking off the embarrassment of not knowing about ninjas. "I can't help."

A final, embarrassed refrain.

"But I'm always learning."

Chris Monroe/CNET

Hi my name is Mark Serrels, and I do...(continued)

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