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Domino's can help you find love with cheesy Tinder chat-up lines - CNET

Like what you see? Match with Domino's chat bot for free (but questionable) dating advice.

The dogs from "Lady and the Tramp" may have shared a moonlit plate of spaghetti, but Domino's hopes the UK's romantics will break the ice over a slice of pizza this Valentine's Day.

The pizza maker is launching a Tinder bot to send chat-up lines to hopeful romantics in the UK. If you swipe right on "Dom Juan" the love guru, it'll feed you such sure-fire date winners as "I pepper-only have eyes for you" and "you've stolen a pizza my heart," which you can send on to the real people you've matched with. The lines are so cheesy that a conspiracy theorist might suspect they're designed to leave would-be daters with nothing but a Domino's pizza to comfort them on the big night.

Who needs other humans, anyway? Tattoo artist Alice Perrin has designed a range of temporary tattoos for pizza superfans. Matt Alexander / Domino's Pizza

The fast food and tech industries love a good PR stunt, and...(continued)

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