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Coldroot RAT cross-platform malware targets MacOS without being detected

The former NSA hacker and malware researcherPatrick Wardle is back, this time he spotted anew remote access Trojan dubbedColdroot RAT.

TheColdroot RAT is a cross-platform that is targeting MacOS systems and the bad news is that AV software is not able to detect it. The malware acts as a keylogger on MacOS systems prior to the OS High Sierra allowing it to capture user passwords and credentials.

Wardle published a detailed analysis of the RAT that is currently available for sale on theunderground markets since Jan. 1, 2017, while some versions of the ColdrootRAT code have also been available onGitHub for nearly two years.

The expert explained that the RAT masquerades as an Apple audio driver “” that when clicked on displays an authentication prompt requesting the victim to provide its MacOS credentials.

“an unflagged file my eye. It was recently submitted for a scan, in early January.” wroteWardle.

“Though ...(continued)

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