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Cybersecurity's biggest challenges: Trust, cyber fatigue, and the battle over AI


TechRepublic's Dan Patterson sat down with Dr. Richard Ford, Chief Scientist at Forcepoint and discussed cyber attacks, how they undermine institutional confidence and how the human factor affects cyber risk.

Dan Patterson: Consumer or business, we have similar security risks. What's the problem? What challenges do we face and why is cyber one of the confounding problems in the age of the Internet?

Dr Richard Ford: Right. Cyber touches every part of your life. There's really no part of your life that a computer doesn't impact nowadays. When we worry about cyber, we're really worrying about well-being. If you really want to zoom out, computer security, cyber security, it's a means to an end. Look at why you want secure machines, why you want secure systems.

I don't even actually like the word "secure." I like the word "safety." Because when I say security, a whole bunch of different lights go off in your head. Safety is something that we get. We get what it means to be...(continued)

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