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Most off-the-shelf IoT devices carry 'frightening' security risks, warn researchers

Cheap, connected, IoT CCTV cameras, as sold on Amazon

Off-the-shelf connected devices, such as baby monitors, home security cameras, thermostats and doorbells are easily hackable, warn researchers at Ben-Gurion University.

They found that the majority of consumer devices are riddled with security flaws, making them easy targets for cyber criminals.

In an ongoing research project, theresearchers are examining a range of IoT devices for security flaws. The research is focusing on technology that is intended for use in so-called smart homes.

After dissembling and reverse engineering a plethora of common internet-enabled devices, the researchers said that they "quickly uncovered serious security issues".

It is truly frightening how easily a criminal, voyeur orpaedophile can take over these devices

Dr. Yossi Oren, a senior lecturer in BGU's department of software and information systems engineering, said it is worrying how quickly attackers can compromise such devices.

"It is...(continued)

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