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Hackers are targeting DADI ICO investors with phishing emails - TNW


Swaths of concerned DADI ICO investors are rushing to Reddit and Telegram to report they are now being targeted in a co-ordinated phishing attack after the fledgling cryptocurrency startup failed to protect their credentials, including names and email addresses.

The fraudulent phishing emails ask recipients to sign up for a malicious version of popular cryptocurrency wallet MyEtherWallet, designed to steal your data and private keys. What makes the attack particularly sinister is that it relies onpunycode techniquesto trick users into submitting their information.

In addition to that, the hackers used an email ( which closely resembles the authentic DADI address (

Here is a copy of the fake email as shared by affected DADI users:

TNW has since spoken to DADI community manager Bolaji Oyewole (more commonly known as @Bjay on Telegram and Discord) who told us that the “email in question is a phishing scam, but it is not a new compromise.”


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