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MOSQUITO attack allows to exfiltrates data from Air-Gapped computers via leverage connected speakers

MOSQUITO isnew technique devised by a team of researchers at Israel’s Ben Gurion University, led by the expert Mordechai Guri, to exfiltrate data from an air-gapped network.

The technique leverageconnected speakers (passive speakers, headphones, or earphones) to acquire the sound from surrounding environment by exploiting a specific audio chip feature.

Once again the team demonstrated that separating the computer networks from the Internet is not enough to protect them from attackers. In the past, the same group of researchers demonstrated that itpossible to listen to private conversations by reversing headphones connected to a previously infected computer.

TheMOSQUITO technique establishes a covert ultrasonic transmission between two air-gapped computers using speaker-to-speaker communication.

“In this paper, we show how two (or more) airgappedcomputers in the same room, equipped with passivespeakers, headphones, or earphones can covertly exchange data
via ultrasonic...(continued)

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