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Usual Threats, But More Sophisticated and Faster: Report

Almost Every Type of Cyber Attack is Increasing in Both Volume and Sophistication

Eight new malware samples were recorded every second during the final three months of 2017. The use of fileless attacks, primarily via PowerShell, grew; and there was a surge in cryptocurrency hijacking malware.

These were the primary threats outlined in the latest McAfee Lab's Threat Report (PDF) covering Q4 2017.

The growth of cryptomining malware coincided with the surge in Bitcoin value, which peaked at just under $20,000 on Dec. 22. With the cost of dedicated mining hardware at upwards of $5,000 per machine, criminals chose to steal users' CPU time via malware. It demonstrates how criminals always follow the money, and choose the least expensive method of acquiring it with the greatest chance of avoiding detection.

Since December, Bitcoin's value has fallen to $9,000 (at the time of publishing). Criminals' focus on Bitcoin is likewise being modified, with Ethereum and Monero becoming...(continued)

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