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Spend Less, Test Faster: Choosing the Right Security Tools

People are creatures of habit. If we learn something one way, we’re prone to stick to it. Less in a “my way or the highway” sense and more so in a “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” one.

Not every security tool is right for every environment, and just because one set of tools works well for you now at one job and company doesn’t mean it will work well – or at all – if you change jobs or especially, verticals.

At an established financial institution, for example, you may be part of a large team of experienced professionals who’ve worked together to build out a highly refined, capable infrastructure. You may have 1,000 routers and do configuration management in a certain way because it’s been proven and improved upon by 100 people over the course of decades. By contrast, if you were to join a newly emerged startup, you may have four routers, limited personnel and not yet a hint of a config management process in place.

It makes sense that each of these businesses would have...(continued)

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