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Calendar 2 app pulled from Mac App Store after cryptomining controversy


How do you feel about paying a subscription for software?

Are you happy to pay a monthly fee to get new features as soon as they are developed, helping to support software houses, or do you think you should only have to pay once - or, perhaps, not at all.

It’s definitely the case that many people dislike paying software subscriptions, and resent that more and more products are moving in that direction. And perhaps that’s why Qbix, the developers of a popular Mac scheduling app called “Calendar 2”, recently shipped a version of their software with an alternative revenue-generating feature.

Rather than paying a flat fee of $17.99 or a 99 cents per month subscription to gain access to all of Calendar 2’s advanced features, the app now offered “All advanced features for free” if you allowed it to “unobtrusively” generate the Monero cryptocurrency in the background.

Now, I don’t necessarily have a problem with cryptomining *if* it is done with the full, conscious permission of...(continued)

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