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Iran-Linked Group ‘TEMP.Zagros’ Updates Tactics, Techniques In Latest Campaign


Researchers say a massive phishing campaign targeting Asia and Middle East regions is linked to an Iranian-based threat actorTEMP.Zagros, also known as MuddyWater. This latest attack illustrates an evolution by the threat actor, which has now adopted new tactics, techniques and procedures.

“We observed attackers leveraging the latest code execution and persistence techniques to distribute malicious macro-based documents to individuals in Asia and the Middle East,” wrote FireEye researchers in a blog post Tuesday.

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FireEye’sdiscoverybuilds off previous research into the group byPalo Alto Networks, Unit 42 and Trend Micro. In November, Unit 42 first wrote aboutTEMP.Zagros (orMuddyWater) noting the attacks hit various industries in several countries, primarily in the Middle East and Central Asia, and lured victims to download infected documents and compromise their computer networks.


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