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Equation Group Attack Platform Detailed

Researchers at Kaspersky Lab pulled back more of the layers coveringthe activities of the Equation Group today with the release of details about the EquationDrug platform.

The Equation Group was brought out of the shadows a month ago and linked to cyber-espionage attacks stretching back more than a decade. Kaspersky Lab stopped short of naming names but identified the group as state-sponsored, which given the complexity of the attacks and other evidence led some to point fingers at the United States.

"EquationDrug, which is still in use, dates back to 2003, although the more modern GrayFish platform is being pushed to new victims," explained Kaspersky Labs' Global Research and Analysis Team (GReAT). "It's important to note that EquationDrug is not just a Trojan, but a full espionageplatform,which includes a framework for conducting cyberespionage activities by deploying specific modules on the machines of selected victims. The concept of a cyberespionage platform is...(continued)

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