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How the Blockchain Is Helping Secure IoT Technology


For those reading this who were cognizant of such topics as the Internet of Things (IoT) and security architecture back in 2016, you may have had some passing knowledge of the Mirai botnet attacks that showed us all just how risky the present client-server model of IoT can be. At issue is the reality that the vast majority of these kinds of networks rely on a central authority to manage devices, which, as the world becomes more aware of the capabilities of blockchain security, makes the centralized model seem as antiquated as a quill pen and papyrus.

Present Security Architecture Shortcomings

As most IoT networks are currently configured, data isn’t be considered trustworthy until it is vetted and allowed to pass through a single controlling security “gate.” As we saw with the Mirai incidents, a botnet barrage can focus efforts on compromising this lone point through a Distributed Denial of Service (DDNS) attack. Once through the centralized security “gate,” a hacker can...(continued)

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