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Ancient EITest infection chain sinkholed by security teams


Researchers have struck a serious blow against threat actors by sinking the age-old infection chain EITest.

Last week, Proofpoint researchers revealed that EITest has now been sinkholed due to the efforts of the company together with teams from and BrilliantIIT.

Dating back to 2011, the infection chain has been used to deliver support scams, backdoors, and other payloads including ransomware, information stealers, and more.

EITest is considered one of the oldest infection chains on record and has been called the "King of traffic distribution."

EITest is a collection of compromised servers which can be used to redirect traffic. Countless campaigns have taken advantage of the EITest infrastructure in the past in order to redirect users to exploit kit landing pages and other malicious websites.

The chain was not always considered a major threat. During the system's inception, EITest only redirected users to a homegrown exploit kit called Glazunov. However, the game...(continued)

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