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How the blockchain can help track important messages and prevent email fraud


Emails provide important records of communications and transactions. Florian Bersier, CEO of email solution provider Gmelius talked with TechRepublic's Dan Patterson about how blockchain technology can be incorporated to prove who sent an email, and when they sent it.

Watch the video above, or read the full transcript:

Patterson: How often do you consider the integrity of your email account? Not just the email archive, but your contacts, your outbound email.

Florian, thank you very much for joining us today. I wonder if we could start by defining our terms. What exactly is email stamping?

Bersier: We call email stamping the fact to take the edge of the whole email, so build the email, once you have the email, we're going to inject it into the blockchain, hence the action of stamping is really the action of inserting the whole email in an encrypted way inside the blockchain. Like you will prove that you have done something, you're going to prove that you have injected...(continued)

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