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Lawyer Finds Hard Drive Sent Over by Police to Be Infected with Trojan for Spying

A lawyer who has been dealing with a whistleblower case has claimed that a hard drive used as evidence and sent by the police has infected with spying Trojan.

A lawyer from Arkansas is now representing three police officers from Fort Smith at a case of whistleblowers and has now found himself in the middle of a surveillance attempt on behalf of the police. According to his statement, he has been sent over the evidence of the case within a hard drive, which is not the common tactic followed by the police. On the contrary, most frequently the evidence is sent over using an email or with the post office. This was in fact what has triggered the alarm and made the lawyer a lot more cautious of the content included within the hard drive.

The lawyer, Matthew Campbell, works at the Pinnacle Law Firm and has sent over the hard drive to security experts for inspection. What came back from the inspection shocked him a great deal; there were four “Trojans” added to the hard drive...(continued)

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