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Hackers Analyse Your Capabilities. Use this Matrix to Do the Same


Regular followers of Cofense know that phishing threats evolve. For detailed evidence, read the Cofense Malware Review 2018 and see the techniques threat actors employ to keep security teams on their toes.

As attackers evolve, so must the guardians of organisational security. It’s essential that we take the time to review our phishing defence strategies, and ask, “Is it maturing, or is it just getting old?”

When reviewing phishing defence, what does ‘mature’ really mean? No longer can we be satisfied that we’re making our users more ‘aware’ of phishing, and through this we’ll reduce our risk. It’s simply not true. At Cofense we’ve long-championed the mantra that for true phishing defence, user awareness isn’t the problem, and simply increasing awareness is surely not the answer. The real problem is twofold:

1. Lack of visibility of real threats bypassing our perimeter controls

2. Our ability to understand these threats and effectively respond

Recently, the Cofense Phishing...(continued)

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