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Operation Hotel – Ecuador spent millions on spy operation for Julian Assange

According to The Guardian newspaper, Ecuador spent millions on spy operation for Julian Assange after he hacked the embassy network.

According to a report published by theGuardian,Ecuador spied on WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange at its London embassy where he took inpolitical asylumsince 2012,

In 2012 a British judge ruled he should be extradited to Sweden to face allegations of sexual assault there, but Assange explained that they were political accusations.

“Ecuador bankrolled a multimillion-dollar spy operation to protect and supportJulian Assangein its central London embassy, employing an international security company and undercover agents to monitor his visitors, embassy staff and even the British police, according to documents seen by the Guardian.” reads the report published by The Guardian.

“Over more than five years, Ecuador put at least $5m (3.7m) into a secret intelligence budget that protected theWikiLeaksfounder while he had visits from Nigel Farage, members...(continued)

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