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RedHat admins, patch now – don’t let your servers get pwned!


RedHat Linux, together with its stablemates Fedora and CentOS, just patched a serious security bug.

This bug doesn’t need a fancy nickname, because it ended up (entirely by chance, of course) with a very memorable bug number: CVE-2018-1111.

Bug OneOneOneOne affects DHCP, short for dynamic host configuration protocol, a network-based system that helps you automate the process of getting computers to play nicely together online.

DHCP solves the problem of how to use the network itself to get a network number (in popular parlance, an IP address) in order to start using the network.

Without DHCP, you’d need to configure the IP address of each laptop, desktop or server on your network by hand.

You’d have to make sure that you didn’t accidentally give two different computers the same IP number, and in the event of an IP address collision you’d have to track down the culprits yourself and resolve the clash.

DHCP automates all this.

An unconfigured computer, called a DHCP client, pumps...(continued)

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