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Google Provides Detailed Analysis of GitHub Attack Traffic

The high-profile DDoS attack against GitHub that went on for several days last month was the end result of am operation that included several phases and extensive testing and optimization by the attackers. Researchers at Google analyzed the attack traffic over several weeks and found that the attackers used both Javascript replacement and HTML injections.

The early stages of the attack started in early March, and Google’s researchers said that seemed to be a test as the attackers figured out the techniques they were going to use. There was only one target at that time, from March 3 to March 6, and the attackersthen moved on.

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“The initial test target was and the number of requests was artificially limited. From March 4rd to March 6th, the request limitations were removed,” Niels Provos from Google’s security team said in a blog post.

“The next phase was conducted...(continued)

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