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More than 100 Million IoT devices potentially exposed to Z-Shave Z-Wave attack

Researchers fromPen Test Partners haveconducted an analysis of Z-Wave wireless communications protocolused by millions of IoT devices and discovered that it is vulnerable to cyber attacks.

The Z-Wave protocol is widely adopted for home automation, it leverages low-energy radio waves for wireless communications over distances of up to 100 meters (330 feet).

The protocol is currently used by 700 companies in over 2,400 IoT and smart home products.

Z-Wave uses a shared network key to secure communications among devices, the key is exchanged between the controller and the client devices when the devices are paired.

The earlier pairing process (‘S0’) had a vulnerability – the network key was transmitted between the nodes using a key of all zeroes, and could be sniffed by an attacker within RF range.

The initial version of the pairing process (S0) is known to be vulnerable to MITM attacks since 2013, for this reason, experts introduced a more secure process named S2.

While S0 was...(continued)

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