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Do Data Breaches Permanently Affect Business Reputations?


Breach Preparedness , Breach Response , Data Breach

Do Data Breaches Permanently Affect Business Reputations? Hint: Ashley Madison, Equifax and Uber are Thriving Jeremy Kirk (jeremy_kirk) • June 1, 2018 Eric Pinkerton of Hivint details data breach lessons learned at the AusCERT security conference on May 31. (Photo: Jeremy Kirk)

Massive data breaches make headlines, trigger stock price slips and often lead to executives getting fired. Some companies, however, not only recover from breaches, but end up thriving after the dust settles, says Eric Pinkerton, regional director for Sydney-based information security consultancy Hivint.

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Pinkerton, who spoke at the AusCERT security conference at the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, on Thursday, has researched how breaches affect everything from organizations' stock price and reputation to long-term performance. He examined some of the most egregious and well-publicized breaches...(continued)

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