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Apple Watch hacked, a developer runs a web browser on it

The popular developer Comex has posted online a video Proof-of-Concept to demonstrate that it is possible to run arbitrary code on the Apple Watch.

TheInternet of thingsis probably the paradigm that most of all is invading our daily life, smart objects surround us and collect a huge quantity information enlarging our surface of attack.The problem is exacerbated for wearable devices and the level of security they implement.

Last victim in order of time it the popularApple Watch, a developer, in fact, has demonstrated how to hack it and run a full web browser onthe device. The developerComex, authorof theJailBreakMe,has published avideoPoC in which he shows an Apple Watch running a web browser.

The hack showed in the video is important because it demonstratesthat it is possible to get the Watch to run arbitrary code, it is not difficult to image that the Comex is working on a ‘jailbreak’ of the Apple Watch, despite the expert hasn’t anticipated anything on his research.


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