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North Korea-linked Lazarus APT behind recent ActiveX attacks

North Korea-linked Lazarus APT group planted anActiveX zero-day exploit on the website of a South Korean think tankfocused on national security.

According to researchers at AlienVault, North Korea-linked hackers planted anActiveX zero-day vulnerability on the website of a South Korean think tankfocused on national security.

The experts attributed the attack to the notoriousLazarus APT group in attacks, they pointed out that ActiveX controls are usually disabled on most systems, but the South Korean government authorities demand citizens to enable them.

“Recently, anActiveX zero-daywas discovered on the website of aSouth Korea think tankthat focuses on national security. Whilst ActiveX controls are disabled on most systems, they are still enabled on most South Korean machines due tomandatesby the South Korean government.” reads the post published by Alien Vault.

“These attacks have beenattributedtoLazarus, a group thought to be linked to North Korea.”

Of course, attackers...(continued)

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