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Internet Safety Month: How to protect your child’s privacy online


June marks the beginning of summer. It is also National Internet Safety Month.

This is the perfect time to remind vacationers that while it is essential to check that everything you need is packed and ready for a trip, it is equally vital for the family to take steps in securing their devicesand their online footprint. We’re talking about managing online privacy and reputation—for you and especially for your children.

So to celebrate Internet Safety Month, we’ll be pushing out a two-part series tackling the concepts mentioned above. In part 1, we’ll be talking about online privacy geared toward kids and teens. So parents and guardians, whip out that pen and paper—or a note-taking app, if you like—and start taking notes.

It is essential we protect our children’s privacyonline

Parents, you know this. When they were young, we trained our kids not to talk to strangers—unless they’re the police or someone on the line handling emergencies, such as a 911 dispatch officer. We tell...(continued)

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