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HeroRAT – A totally new Telegram-based Android RAT is spreading in the wild

Malware researchers from ESET have discovered a new strain of Android RAT, tracked asHeroRat, that leverages Telegram protocol for command and control, and data exfiltration.

HeroRat isn’t the first malware abusing Telegram protocol, past investigation reported similar threats likeTeleRATandIRRAT.

The new RAT has been in the wild at least since August 2017 and in March 2018 its source code was released for free on Telegram hacking channels allowing various threat actors to create their own variant.

HeroRat is born in this way, but it appears quite different from other variants that borrowed the source code.HeroRat is the first Telegram-based malware developed from scratch in C# using theXamarinframework, previous ones were written inJava.

The RAT leveragesTelesharplibrary for creating Telegram bots with C#.

“One of these variants is different from the rest – despite the freely available source code, it is offered for sale on a dedicated Telegram channel, marketed under the...(continued)

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