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NanoLock Launches Platform to Protect IoT Devices From Production Through End-of-Life

Cybersecurity start-up NanoLock Securitytoday announced a new lightweight security platform designed to add security into the small connected devices better known as the internet of things, rather than to overlay security around those devices.

This is security designed to safeguard small devices from the production line through to the end of life and beyond; to allow secure updates but to prevent hacking and tampering; and to ensure the integrity of data from the device outwards.

"The challenge for connected devices," co-founder and CEO Eran Fine told SecurityWeek, "is that about 90% have very low computing power -- and they are becoming the most vulnerable part of the ecosystem. How do you protect those low power, and low compute power devices where an attacker may have network or physical access? The attacker may come from the device-side, or the cloud-side, on the production line, or even at the end of life of the device. How do you protect the very low computing power...(continued)

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