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Phishing Attempt Using the Name of Staples


It showed up in his inbox last week. Rich Johnson says the email with the Staples emblem, said his order for shredder bags was on its way.

What got his attention was the message to click on the "Driver Release form" if he wasn't going to be around when it was delivered.

Rich says, "If anyone does click on that link, I'm afraid at the very least it may be a virus. At the worst some kind of malware, something that would harm your computer."

Staples sells this particular brand of shredder bags and the model number was the same, but the price wasn't.

For Rich, the biggest red flag was he hadn't ordered anything from Staples.

I reached out to Staples and learned the email was not from the office supply chain. I was told Staples never asks customers to fill out a driver release form after an order is place, always before.

Staples believes crooks may have been trying to send Rich a virus or get personal and financial information from him. If you're ever suspicious about an...(continued)

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