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Google Chrome Testing Infobar Alerts On Data-Heavy Web Pages


Google Chrome is regularly updated to improve performance and reduce memory usage, but there are some performance factors that can't be fixed by the browser itself and are instead caused by the site a user is visiting. An example of this is when a site sends a large amount of static resources such as image files, CSS files, javascript, etc, which can slow down the loading of the page.

In Canary build 69 of Chrome, Google added a new experimental feature called Heavy Page Cappingthat will display an infobarthat allows you to stop loading the rest of the resources on a page if it has already downloaded a certain amount of data.

This infobar will state "This page uses more than XMB" and then prompts you to "Stop loading" as shown below.

To test this feature, you would need to download Google Chrome Canary. Once installed and running,open a new tab and typechrome://flagsinto the address bar.Now, pressCTRL + Fto bring up a search bar, and type Heavy Page Capping to find the...(continued)

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