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Experts discovered Calisto macOS Trojan, the member of Proton RAT family

Security experts fromKasperskyLab have discovered a precursor of the infamous Proton macOS malware that was named Calisto.

Malware researchers from Kaspersky Lab have discovered a malware, tracked as Calisto, that appears to be to the precursorof the Proton macOS malware.

“We recently came across one such sample: a macOS backdoor that we named Calisto.

The malware was uploaded to VirusTotal way back in 2016, most likely the same year it was created. But for two whole years, until May 2018, Calisto remained off the radar of antivirus solutions, with the first detections on VT appearing only recently.” reads the analysis published by Kaspersky.

“Conceptually, the Calisto backdoor resembles a member of the Backdoor.OSX.Proton family:”

The malicious code seems to have been developed in 2016, while Proton was first spotted in 2017.

According to theexperts,the malware was uploaded on VirusTotal in 2016 but none noticed it until May 2018. Kaspersky has no information about the way...(continued)

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