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Expert discovered a Critical Remote Code Execution flaw in Apache Struts (CVE-2018-11776)

Maintainers of the Apache Struts 2open source development framework has released security updates to address a critical remote code execution vulnerability.

Security updates released this week for the Apache Struts 2 open source development framework addressed a critical RCE tracked asCVE-2018-11776.

The vulnerability affects Struts versions from 2.3 through 2.3.34, Struts 2.5 through 2.5.16, and possibly unsupported versions of the framework.

The versionsStruts 2.3.35 and 2.5.17 includes the security updates to address the CVE-2018-11776.

Struts developers also published atemporary workaround, but are recommending users to don’t use it and install the updates.

“Possible Remote Code Execution when using results with no namespace and in same time, its upper action(s) have no or wildcard namespace. Same possibility when using url tag which doesn’t have value and action se” reads the security advisory published by Apache.

“Possible Remote Code Execution when using results with...(continued)

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