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Twitch “Audio Fix” Hijacks Stream Key


Today we’re going to look at a file served up from a fake Twitch blog (now offline) which was located at


Claiming tooffer upan audio protocolfor streamers , the “Audio fix” stealsthe targeted Twitch streamer’s Stream key, passing itto the creator of the file.The Stream key allows the person responsible for the Malware totake ownership of the channel stream and send out whatever shock memes / images / videos they feel like to the assembled channel viewers. By the time the original streamer has regained control, the Stream key stealer would likely have caused the viewers to have abandoned ship.

More often than not, potential victims would have to succumb to a spot of social engineering to hand it over (typically involving more than one person), but this sets the entry barrier at “Run thisfile, lol”.

Here’s the fake blog, made to look like an official Twitch page:

Titled“New audio protocol”, the blog postsaysthat you’ll need to run a “Small BAT file” to “detect...(continued)

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