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MageCart crime gang is behind the British Airways data breach

An investigation conducted by researchers at RiskIQ revealed that the responsible of theBritish Airways data breachis a crime gang tracked as MageCart.

The responsible of the recently disclosedBritish Airways data breachis a crime gang tracked as MageCart. The group has been active since at least 2015 andcompromised many e-commerce websites to steal payment card and other sensitive data.

The group injects a skimmer script in the target websites to siphon payment card data, once the attackers succeed in compromising a site, it will add an embedded piece of Javascript to the HTML template. Below an example script dubbedMagentoCore.

<script type="text/javascript" src="hxxps://"></script>

Thisscriptrecords keystrokes from customers and sends them to a server controlled by the attacker.

Typically hackers attempt to compromise third-party features that could allow them to access a large number of websites.

According to the security firm...(continued)

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